Beautiful art made out of garbage

Let’s collect some garbage and make some beautiful art: Newspaper into necklaces, earrings and bowls, plastic-bottles into decorating items for households, shampoo-boxes into mosaic-pictures, milk-boxes into amazing holders for candles… This is what the women and men of “Lixo&Art” at the RioCenter are doing every day. “Let’s use our own hand and start to act, instead of talking and discussing” proclaims Alejandro, who meanwhile is doing some beads out of an old newspaper for a bracelet.

By Verena Gschnell

All 5 of the artist are sitting on the floor and doing something, that can be interpreted as useless or wasting of time. But lets look to this activity a bit more in details. What they do is making crafts out of garbage found in their neighborhood, so they are recycling nonrenewable materials and giving them an other meaning. But they are also cleaning their surroundings by picking up garbage and reuse it. At the same time they do something for their community: They educate the other people that are living around them, that they can reuse their old things and making something new and beautiful out of it. The people, who are looking at this artists while they are doing the crafts, can feel, how much fun recycling can make: This people are happy when they are producing together and they are opened and thankful for everybody, who wants to join them. I can tell, because I was invited to make some necklaces out of newspaper. I could not say no, so I set down and made one for a friend of mine: Enjoyable time!

One thing inspired me even more: They teach their knowledge to kids in the poor areas of Rio de Janeiro. With this skills the kids can first of all make some money by using their own hands and selling the results: Second, they are away from the street and make something that they can be proud of and last, and very important, the kids can experience by themselves how much fun it can make and how good it can feel to work together in a group.


Do we have to talk about big projects or is it enough to realized small ones?

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